Convergence Coaching /Holistic Therapy

What is it?
When we are in difficulty, it is because we no longer have access to our essential resources: our vital energy, our anchoring, our capacity to welcome our shadow parts and to stay present to what happens to us in order to transform it. Convergence coaching is a psycho-energetic practice that refocuses you and puts you back in touch with your resources. I use this tool in the context of individual therapy. 

How does a session go?

 First part of the session, I listen and acknowledge the questioning or the suffering you bring. - 

Second part of the session, we set an intention together that will give a direction to the energy of our work. 

From there, I intuitively look for protocols, information, texts or data in Kishori Aird's books that I communicate to you and that shed light on less conscious parts of your being that prevent you from getting out of your difficulty alone.

1h - 90€

Benefits of the practice

Working with intention, your vital energy and the possibility of integrating all that you are, the sessions promote your autonomy. You learn techniques that support you when you are alone.

Key words: Unity - Zero Point - Essence - Anchoring - Convergence - Presence