Marie-Laurence Boué - Psychotherapist
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I have been a psychotherapist, coach and teacher for 15 years. I practice online, in Paris and Neuilly Plaisance

I support adults, couples and families. 

I specialize in treating and preventing family difficulties, wether relational, linked to secrets, taboos, developmental traumas, emotional and/or physical abuse, 

I help you take care of your wounded parts in order to move towards a life which resembles you more. Combining psychology and energetics, I adapt the format of the sessions and the tools mobilized according to your needs.

«Même s'il n'est qu'une petite mare de brousse, chacun d'entre nous peut essayer de maintenir pure et paisible l'eau de son âme, afin que le soleil puisse s'y mirer tout entier"

"Even if he is only a small bush pond, each of us can try to keep the waters of his soul pure and peaceful , so the whole sun can be reflected by it"

Amadou Hampate Ba

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Constellation group on the 3rd Saturday of the month Gare du Nord

Guided mindfulness meditations on Tuesday evenings from 19:15 to 20:00 (beginners welcome)

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Safe & Sound Protocol 

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