Individual Coaching / Holistic Therapy

What is it?

The coaching consists of taking care of your current suffering by healing your wounds, unraveling your beliefs, analyzing the mechanisms that prevent you from being fully yourself. To go to therapy is to accept to confide very vulnerable parts of yourself, which is why you need a framework that is containing, reassuring and confidential. What is said in the sessions will be acknowledged without judgment and without expectations or projections.

How sessions work :

- The first part of the session is devoted to listening, possibly reformulating and acknowledging what you bring 

- The second part of the session is devoted to reconnecting to your anchoring, to your resources and to bringing awareness to your blind spots.

 The sessions last one hour and cost 90€. They are best done on a regular basis.

Approaches and tools:

The techniques used during the sessions vary according to the personality and the needs of each person: Convergence Coaching, Mandala of Being, Family Constellations, Safe and Sound Protocol.

Existential crisis - Anxiety attacks - Developmental trauma - Depression - Toxic relationships - Relationships with narcissists - Panic attacks - Parenthood - Life project - Being yourself