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Couples Support

1. Couple therapy

In couple therapy, I help you to take care of your relationship, which has been put to the test by life's often very concrete difficulties. I invite you to talk to each other again, to identify what belongs to the relationship and what belongs to the wounds that make you react unconsciously. Couple therapy is a way of getting more deeply involved in the relationship by accepting to entrust vulnerable parts of yourself to a third party, in the presence of your partner. In order for this work to be possible, it is necessary to have a containing, reassuring and confidential framework where what is said can be accepted without judgment and without expectations or projections. 

How does a marital therapy session work?

1. Review of the current situation, listening to the points of tension and suffering.

2. Circulation of speech and energy ( exchanges are more fluid than when the couple is alone)

3. Proposal of exercises or actions to do between sessions to establish a new dynamic between the partners

The session lasts 1 hour and costs 120€. 

Regularity: according to the problems // 1 session every 3 weeks to 1 month approximately.

Approaches and tools used in couple therapy:

- Systemic family therapy

- Third consciousness ( and mindfulness.

2. Birth and parenting coaching

To prepare for birth and parenting, I offer couples the Mindfulness Based Childbirth and Parenting Program (MBCP) and workshops for parents.

Approaches and tools used to support birth and parenting:

- MBCP see in the approaches section. It is a evidenced based program that prepares parents with mindfulness tools. 

- Workshops for parents (see in the program section). 

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