Systemic Family Therapy


A child or a parent encounters difficulties that create tension or imbalance in the family: uneasiness, anxiety, panic attacks, endangerment, lack of interest in school, withdrawal, eating disorders, addiction, illness, mourning, unemployment....

Why work with a family rather than individually? 

When one member of the family suffers, it is the whole family that suffers and  therefore I see the whole family , preferably with a colleague. The family is seen as a whole in which each disturbance but also each progress has an impact on. The person who suffers the most is not designated as THE problem. Each person takes his or her share of responsibility and engages in the process of evolution of the family and thus benefits from the work. The goal is to find a satisfactory balance.

How does it work?

 The work of the therapist consists of circulating the speech and the energy in a different way from what happens at home.The sessions last approximately 1 hour and can take place once a month. They require the commitment of the whole family. 

The benefits of this approach: 

It gives everyone the possibility to express their point of view,  to be heard and to evolve. It takes into account all forms of verbal or non-verbal expression and its tools allow to go beyond the difficulty of speaking out. The distanced position of the therapist makes it possible to bring to light functioning or habits that are not or no longer appropriate. Once the family has returned home, it can experiment with new ways of being together that suit them better than what they did before.