Family Coaching

What does it consist in?
To help you take care of your family whose relationships are tested by the difficulties of life and the evolution of each one. It is about having each of you be heard, identifying what concerns the relationship and what concerns the wounds of the parents or the children. The goal is to help each person, according to his or her place in the family, age and possibilities, to get out of reactivity in order to face difficulties in a more appropriate way. Family therapy means committing oneself and one's family by accepting to confide difficulties and vulnerable parts of oneself in front of a third party in the presence of other family members. In order for this work to be possible, it is necessary to have a containing, reassuring and confidential framework where what is said can be acknowledged without judgment and without expectations or projections.

How does it work ?

1. Review of the current situation, listening to the points of tension and suffering.
2. Circulation of speech and energy (make exchanges more fluid than when the family is alone)
3. Suggestion of exercises or actions to do between sessions in order to establish a new dynamic within the family
  • The session lasts 1 hour and costs 160€. It can be co-animated with another family therapist. Depending on the process, some sessions may take place with the parents or with only part of the family 
  • Regularity: depending on the issues // 1 session every 3 weeks to 1 month approximately..

Approach and tools

-Systemic family therapy, genogram, photolanguage, blazon

-Third consciousness ( and mindfulness

Keywords : symptom of a family member, conflicts, arguments, adolescent in crisis, illness, bereavement